Self Harming

Below are useful resources to get to grips with self harm.

Organisations for Self harm

Confidential counselling Monday-Friday 10.00 to 16.00.& 19.00 to 22.00 Telephone 0208 8514 1177
National Self Harm Network.
P.O. Box 16190  London NW1 3WW
24 hour service offering emotional support for anyone in crisis. Telephone 08457 909090
Information, advice and counselling. Telephone 0208 872 9900
Bristol Crisis Service for Women
Offer counselling, support, training, leaflets and booklets.
The Basement Project
Helpline 0117 9251119
Self Harm Support Online
More than 60 downloadable leaflets on issues affecting young people.
A UK site run by the National Children’s Bureau.
A UK site for self-harmers, parents and professionals.

Books on Self harm

A Bright Red Scream – A journalist pieces together self-harmers' stories. Marilee Strong, ISBN 978-0954584702

Tools to help self harming behaviours – (c) Jackie Cox

1. Gratitude journal  – Write down 5 things a day that you are grateful for. 2. Tapping on the inner wrist with 4 fingers of one hand and breathing gently. 3. Texting out your emotional pain, reading it through 3 times and then delete it. 4. Ice, holding it for a couple of minutes. 5. Read More …

Advice if your friend self harms

You may be aware that some people, both male and female, cut themselves on purpose.  If you have a friend who does this, what should you do?  It may be difficult to understand why someone would do this, using a sharp object to cut the skin till it bleeds, this is a form of self Read More …